Yesterday's Self Defense Training is Already Gone
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Your black belt from 10 years ago doesn't matter if you aren't stil training

Yesterday’s Self Defense Training Is Already Gone

Self Defense Training vs. “I’m Trained”


The guy who approaches you in the parking lot with a pistol doesn’t care what you could do, way back when. He doesn’t care what you were, way back when. Doesn’t care what you can do now.  What he cares about is making you his victim and you’re probably not his first. Are you ready for this or do you just think you’re ready?

Consistent self defense and firearms training and practice can be hard. Personal protection training, in general, is hard work. Development of physical skills like shooting and empty hand fighting are like physical fitness, it takes a while to develop and get better but it doesn’t take long to lose it and become rusty.


Are You Ready for Something Like This 


Work, family, schedules, injuries, money are obstacles to your current level of readiness. How do you avoid and circumvent these obstacles to consistent training and practice? Like with good self defense, awareness of the potential problem and planning to prevent the problem are the first and best choices.


Success = Planning

1. Set a goal – attend at least two firearms training classes a year and dry-fire daily for 10 min. or maybe attend a martial arts class once a week.

2. Schedule these training & practice sessions at least a week before if not two weeks – this will make training and or practice a priority, give you reminders and help keep track of progress.

3. Make it a priority – only YOU can determine the necessity and control the outcome. Take responsibility for your level of readiness, stop talking about it and start being about it.


self defense training and practice, schedule the time if you want to to stick to it
(Authors schedule for coming months)


Despite what your mother told you, you can’t be anything you want; without a lot of hard work. This includes being ready to protect yourself or someone else. Anything worth having takes work. Question is, what is yours and your families lives worth? How much work are you willing to do to get better, more proficient, be safer?


Self defense training and practice aren't always fun


In conclusion, the past doesn’t matter anymore, it’s gone, you can’t get it back. The present, today, is where the work needs to be done. The future, could mean success or failure based on what you are willing to do today. Get to work.

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