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UNTHINKABLE! & Tactical Medicine for Everyday Carry

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Date(s) - 12/03/2016 - 12/04/2016
9:00am - 4:30pm

Crossfit Mohawk Valley

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UNTHINKABLE! & Tactical Medicine for Everyday Carry

UNTHINKABLE! & Tactical Medicine for Everyday Carry. Attend BOTH the December 3rd AND the December 4th course and save $50! This deal is only good for online preregistration. Full price will be charged at the door.

Course information:


UNTHINKABLE: Concepts and Techniques for the Gravest Extreme 

This course provides a critical over-arching goal: to introduce participants to some of the unaddressed realities of violent criminal aggression and effective defensive responses. The utility of this increased awareness is two-fold:

— Stress inoculation, so that the moment of an actual life-threatening scenario will not be the first time participants will have considered the demands of the circumstance or employed defensive skills under pressure.

— Drives future practice toward more robust and adaptive defensive skills.

Whatever the circumstances, we have come to understand ourselves to be vulnerable to threats against life and health. This paradigm shift has inspired us to inquire into defensive arts and sciences, unlike those who actively reject reality.

Tactical Medicine for Everyday Carry 

Tactical Medicine for Everyday Carry course teaches students how to identify and treat life-threatening injuries related to violent attacks. The students will be exposed to various every day carry methods for medical equipment. This is a classroom based course with minimal lecture, plenty of hands-on skills practice, and training scenarios for students to apply what they have learned.


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