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MDTS Awareness and small knife seminar

Threat Recognition & Small Knife Skills Seminar

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Date(s) - 03/19/2016
3:30pm - 8:30pm

Otisco Lake Rod & Gun Club

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This custom course will be broken into two modules:

Module 1- Threat Recognition & Management.
This module of instruction will provides attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary for dealing with violent criminal assault, before it happens. Avoidance when possible is always the best strategy but avoidance is predicated upon one­s ability to recognize potential danger. This seminar emphasizes realistic and effective pre-engagement tactics based upon an in depth understanding of how criminals operate. We must understand the problem, before we can develop solutions. Through a series of situational awareness drills, verbal challenge, physical boundary setting attendees learn a simple, effective and retainable method of circumventing potential problems. An emphasis is placed on understanding how criminals assault citizens. Strategies presented enable the citizen to negate criminal assault tactics through verbal challenge and/or direct action. This course is suitable for men and women of any age or physical size/stature.

Module 2-Small Knife Skills
This module of instruction will outline an effective defensive structure utilizing a small knife or knife-like object. This course follows a non-attribute based learning model presenting attendees with a methodology applicable to conventional edged tools and improvised knife- like objects common in our every day environments. A solid grounding in safety and fundamentals of defensive knife application are presented. A heavy emphasis is placed upon the student’s ability to access, deploy and manipulate the knife while multi-tasking or under the stress of close range confrontation.


Course Topics/Modules of Instruction:
Safety Considerations
Threat Recognition & Management Tactics
Justifiable Use of Force Overview
The Knife for Personal Protection
Knife Selection- Folder vs. Fixed Blade Analysis
Carry, Presentation
Conventional & Unconventional Grips
Anatomical Targeting Priorities
Edge & Point Driven Methodologies
Countering Close Range Assaults
Close Range Applications


Equipment List:
Inert training knives will be provided for all training evolutions, eye protection (some eye protection will be available), mouth guard, groin protection, your personal folding knife (optional), note taking materials


*A knife is NOT required to attend this course. Various makes, models and designs from modern manufacturers of will be on display for those who may be deciding what knife they would like to purchase.


*Attendees may be subject to moderate to greater than moderate contact. Be prepared.


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