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Subcompact and Back Up Gun Skills

Closed – Subcompact and Back Up Gun Skills

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Date(s) - 03/12/2017
9:00am - 4:00pm

Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range at Mitchel Athletic Complex

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Subcompact & Back Up Gun Skills


This class is an introduction to the carry and effective utilization of the subcompact or back up gun.  Course will include a combination of lecture, discussion, dry-fire training and live fire drills including both primary pistol and back up gun.


Course modules of instruction include but are not limited to:

Firearm & Range Safety

Subcompact & Back Up Gun Necessity

Pistol Selection

Carry Methods & Considerations

Back Up Gun Manipulations and Gun-Handling

Live Fire Diagnostics

Live Fire Drills

Primary to Secondary Drilling


Required Equipment:

Primary pistol, secondary subcompact/back up gun, serviceable holsters for both pistols (NO SERPA HOLSTERS), cleaning supplies, 50 rounds primary pistol ammunition, 200 rounds subcompact/back up gun ammunition, eye and ear protection, water and lunch for a full days class.


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