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Practical Physical Defense 1 / CORE / Triple Aught Design

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Date(s) - 10/03/2015
8:00am - 5:00pm

Triple Aught Design HQ

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When humans perceive danger, a physiological response triggered by the sympathetic nervous system occurs. It tells us to fight the threat, run from it, or play dead. Commonly known as fight, flight or freeze, this biological response is a survival mechanism passed from generation to generation. Those who have trained and conditioned themselves to counteract this instinct have a competitive advantage in many ways: mental alertness, situational awareness, and better physical control of their movements.

Practical Physical Defense 1 is an interactive block of coursework and drills focused on countering spontaneous criminal assault. Following a modernized combative framework, the principles and skills taught do not require extended attribute development to apply effectively. Instructor Chris Fry from Modern Defensive Training Systems will guide students through the proper application of tactics and physical skills, leaving them with the ability to survive, counter and escape close range criminal assaults This course is open to all skill levels, regardless of prior experience.

Defensive Mindset
Threat Recognition & Management
Proximity Control
Non-Grounded Striking
Instinctual Defense & The Default Response
Vertical Grappling
Physical Tools & Striking
Anatomical Targeting
Initiative Based Tactics & Street Kicking
Escape & Evasion Tactics
During this coursework, students may experience mild to moderate contact. Please be prepared by bringing comfortable clothing or duty uniform, mouthpiece, and groin protection.