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Practical Carbine Skills 1

Practical Carbine Skills 1

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Date(s) - 11/09/2013
8:30am - 5:00pm


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The MDTS Practical Carbine Skills curriculm is designed for the new rifle owner, individuals who have owned a rifle but never attended formal training as well as the seasoned operator. A solid grounding in safety and fundamentals of gun handling is presented with a heavy emphasis on the students ability to manipulate the carbine platform while mult-tasking or under stress. This is a fast paced, challenging course.

Course content will include but is not limited to:

  • Mindset
  • Firearm Safety/Range Safety
  • History, Modifications & Sling Options
  • Personal Equipment Selection & Placement
  • Preparatory Gun-Handling
  • Zero & Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Carry & Carbine Ready Positions
  • Shooting Response Theory
  • Gun-Handling/Malfunctions
  • Lateral Displacement & Proactive Movement
  • After Action Assessment Concept
  • Bilateral Weapon Operation
  • Positional Shooting
  • Multiple Target Engagement
  • Fundamental Use of Cover & Concealment and more…


* Please come to class with your rifle zero complete. MDTS recommends a 50 meter zero, see here:

Equipment List:

  • A serviceable carbine to include M4, AR15, AK47 or pistol caliber rifle
  • a minimum of 3 magazines
  • eye and ear protection
  • appropriate clothing for weather
  • water
  • hat with brim
  • optional equipment- sling
  • gloves & knee pads


*A pistol is not required to attend this course


If you have a .22 conversion kit for your carbine or a dedicated .22 upper you can use it during this course but it is higly recommended you attempt to shoot the majority of the course with your carry ammunition caliber. You WILL need a minimum of 200 rounds of regular ammunition which you will be shooting.


Additional Equipment Considerations:

  • Weapon mounted illumination tool
  • knee & elbow protection
  • note taking materials
  • lunch for full day class


* Lunch is limited to 30-40 minutes max and is often a “working” lunch where discussion of specific aspects related to the days class or a module of instruction is presented. Therefore it is highly recommended you bring a bag lunch.

** If a carbine is not available one may be rented in .223 or 7.62×39 for $35/course.

*** Contact us today if you would like to host MDTS at your range or come to us here in the Mohawk Valley region for one of our Practical Carbine Skills Courses. We have range and classroom facilities available that can accommodate large groups (12+), semi-private (2-4) or private training (1 on 1).
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