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Coach Cecil Burch Seminar

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Date(s) - 10/11/2014 - 10/12/2014
10:00am - 4:00pm

Scalise Tae Kwon Do

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Immediate Action Jiu-Jitsu with Coach Cecil Burch


This will be an advanced session with Coach Cecil Burch briefly covering and reviewing the information below then moving onto new material.


Saturday Session – Immediate Action Pugilistic’s
Why & How the CMD method came to be Underlying Concepts and Mindset for use Dealing with the Sucker Punch / Ambush The Default 3-point Cover
Transitioning to and Regaining the Initiative
1st stage of defense – the fighting platform
2nd stage of defense – arm motion, footwork, level change
1st stages of offense – diving board jab & cross; proper method of delivering impact safely
Secondary Striking Tools (Eye Jab, Elbow, Knee, Slap, the “Caveman”) Fundamentals of the Clinch/Safely Entering
Individual & Partner Drills
Gradual introduction and immersion into sparring
Performance Coaching and Troubleshooting
Insights and Suggestions for Solo Training

Sunday Session – Immediate Action Jiu-Jitsu
Understanding the Dynamics of Fighting on the Ground (including weapons usage/defense)
Surviving/defending/escaping when you are on the ground underneath an attacker
Surviving/defending/escaping when you are on the ground and your opponent is standing
Functional methods of getting back to your feet
Countering takedowns and remaining on your feet
Defending against punches, elbow strikes, stomps, kicks, etc…. THEN we’ll add in weapons:
IFWA (in-fight weapon access)
Denying your opponent’s weapon access – understanding technique, positional hierarchy AND timing
Multiple opponents – realistically maximizing your chances
How these concepts & techniques remain true with or without weapon involvement


Required Equipment:

  • Mouth guard
  • Boxing Gloves (MMA gloves would be nice but not mandatory) – Several pairs of gloves will be available
  • Training blades and pistol simulator such as Blue Gun, Red Gun or SIRT Trainer


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