Modern Defensive Training Systems

MDTS Training

MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. We specialize in pistol, concealed carry, shotgun, carbine, defensive knife, less lethal, physical defense and threat awareness training courses. Mobile training courses are available in N.Y. and abroad. Contact us to host a training course at your range or location. Click logo below to see schedule of classes near you.

MDTS Concealed Carry Principles


Hands and arms get hurt, broke, shot and/or cut. Can you operate your personal defense weapons, execute a technique or skill from both sides of your body? Support side development is an important part of being truly ready. Instead of always practicing what you’re good at challenge yourself and develop support side proficiency. You don’t control where, when or how many adversaries you may have to face in a personal defense incident so control your level of readiness by developing strong and support side skills equally. #training #physicaldefenseskills #shooting #practicalpistolskills #practicalcarbineskills #practicalshotgunskills #supportsideskills #mindset #awarewillingprepared #readiness


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