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TacTrainers Metal Airsoft Targets for Home Practice 

Posted on: September 5th, 2016 by admin No Comments

TacTrainers Metal Airsoft Targets for Home Practice

TacTrainers Metal Airsoft Targets for Home Practice in the garage. This is a quick pistol practice session with Matt utilizing Tactrainers metal Airlift targets. I saw friends Shawn and Jordan using them via social media so decided to pick some up. It was a great  investment that added to daily dry-fire micro practice sessions a couple times a week should help me stay proficient and improve.

These reduced size heavy metal targets are cheap, easy to assemble and provide visual and audible feedback. As a result, you get a very similar experience to shooting real steel targets. For safety, eye pro is a must as the Airsoft pellets fragment and come back at you.

Thanks guys for pointing these out to me. You can check out Tactrainers online over on YouTube and on Facebook.


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