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Speed & Trigger Dev Drill

Posted on: December 2nd, 2013 by admin No Comments



This drill and target are an adaptation of Ron Avery’s Trigger Bar Target drill. I first saw this drill in early 2000 and it helped me diagnose and improve on some trigger management issues I was having and improve my speed.


We use this target to help:

1) Develop a shooters speed via the use of tempo

2) Monitor and diagnose trigger management issues

3) Monitor and diagnose grip management issues


This drill requires 15 rounds total and begins at 3 yards.

The shooter fires five round on each vertical bar beginning with the bar on the left. The first five rounds are shot at a tempo of approximately 1 round per second. The goal for each set of five rounds fired is to keep all five rounds in a tight group in the middle of the first vertical bar. The next five rounds are shot at a slightly faster tempo, one round per every half second. The final five rounds are shot at an accelerated tempo of one round per every 1/4 second. You will notice each group becomes a little bigger than the last as shot tempo is increased. Do your best to keep all rounds in the vertical bar.

The shooters tempo can be dictated by a partner counting out loud. For example, for the first bar the count would be one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand and so on. Break the shot on the number. So, following a tempo of one-one-thousand, the shooter will shoot when they hear ONE, pause during the one-thousand and fire again on TWO, pause during the one-thousand, etc.. This takes approximately 1 second to say. Eventually, the shooter should be counting the tempo to themselves. Download the PDF (see link below) print it out and take it to the range. Directions for the other tempo’s are listed on the target.