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Self Defense & Random Assault 

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016 by admin No Comments

Self defense study and considerations based on July 6 random assault of man in Brooklyn Heights.

STUDY: July 6, Brooklyn Heights, 65y.o. man randomly attacked. Considerations: 1) Note who was and usually is targeted, older people. These guys don't want a fight, they want a victim. Make family and friends aware of this. 2) Spontaneous attacks are difficult to defend against. Recognizing a credible threat is present can be difficult walking down a street filled with seemingly benign people. We can, however, be "wary" or attentive of FAM's or fighting age males between 18-40. This is a large group of people but the most likely to commit crimes such as this. 3) Awareness and spatial relationships- we have the ability via verbal and physical boundary setting to control the space around us. The issue is determining when a credible threat is present and acting accordingly. Note how the attacker starts to move faster and angle toward the victim. If in today's society an unknown FAM starts to move rapidly toward you take that as a possible threat indicator and do something. As seen here, due to the spontaneity of the attack, this can be very difficult if not alert or aware you are being targeted. Start regularly integrating a reactive gap between yourself and FAM's and others you see as possible threats in your environment. 4) Don't ask "WHY?" and hesitate from acting. It doesn't matter why this individual (you don't know) is closing space rapidly on you. What matters is controlling that space and not allowing them into it. You can ask why after you have dealt with the problem. 5) Don't count on help from others. You need to be ready to take care of yourself and those you're responsible for without relying on any outside assistance. 6) Do you possess a good enough level of awareness, threat recognition and physical defense skill to protect against a spontaneous attack? If not, considering the world today, perhaps it's time to fix that. #mdtstraining #studytrainpracticetest #physicaldefense #awareness @immediateactioncombatives @paul_sharp_sbg @pointdriventraining @southnarc @aprillriskconsulting @pfc_training @crossfitmohawkvalley @matt_hajdasz

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