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NEShooters Summit AAR

Posted on: April 15th, 2014 by admin No Comments

This was my fifth year teaching at the NEShooters summit in Pelham, NH. Training conferences like these are an excellent opportunity to sample and attend training on a number of personal protection and shooting oriented topics with some great instructors with varied backgrounds from all over the U.S. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded people while getting some excellent training.



As usual Northeast Shooters did an outstanding job of organizing this event. Held in Pelham, NH just over the Northern border of Massachusetts, people from all over the country came in for two days of training. From the ever changing and improving Pelham Fish & Game Club to their personal interaction with every attendee, the NEShooters staff (Mike, Doug & Andy) go out of their way to make sure you have a safe and fun learning experience. This year the summit provided 50+ attendees, broken into groups, with (2) hr training modules with instructor covering multiple topics to include: pistol (multiple modules), carbine, shotgun, team tactics, knife, medical, ground combatives and weapon retention & disarming. While I did not have the opportunity to attend every instructors block I was able to sit in on the opening lectures and presentation of most. Overall, this was some of the best training for the price point available today. Each block was a compressed curriculum highlighting specific foundational learning points. Attendees were presented with a skill, technique or tactic and then given time to shoot or drill the specific skills being presented. Each two hour block flew past and before you knew it that instructors block was done and you had to hustle to another range or to a classroom for the next block. Each day consisted of 4 x 2 hr blocks providing each attendee with 8 hrs of live fire training and 8 hrs of classroom lecture or hands on skill development. Friday night Bill Lewitt presented on Tactical Medicine after a quick meet and greet.


This years instructor cadre consisted of: 


Super Dave Harrington – Martial Gun / Combat Speed  – Pistol

Combatspeed LLC
4113 West Wyoming Ave
Tampa, Florida 33616
Cell Phone: (813) 263-6557


Bill Lewitt – Tactical Development Group – Tactical Medicine



Mike Janich – Martial Blade Concepts – Knife





Wes Doss – Khyber Interactive Associates  – Team Tactics




Cecil Burch – Immediate Action Combatives  – Ground Combatives




William Aprill – Aprill Risk Consulting  – Weapon Disarming

Photo 258



Kelly Venden, Gregg Delea & Kevin LeDoux – Criterion Tactical  – Carbine




Mike Seeklander – Shooting Performance  – CCW Pistol Skills




I taught a little Practical Shotgun




In summary, I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial these types of training conferences/summits/events are if you are interested in expanding your personal protection, shooting and physical skills. Having 9 different instructors to train with, ask questions and socialize with is a unique experience. An event such as this also allows you to identify what areas you need work on and from who you want to get the training to fix that deficiency. The guys from NEShooters are already planning next years event to be held n April. Keep an eye on their website and get in while you can.