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MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. We specialize in pistol, concealed carry, shotgun, carbine, defensive knife, less lethal, physical defense and threat awareness training courses. Mobile training courses are available in N.Y. and abroad. Contact us to host a training course at your range or location. Click logo below to see schedule of classes near you.

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Understanding and practicing good proximity control while afoot AND in vehicles is a tactic that can go a long way toward identifying, escaping or acting to prevent possible trouble. Most people won’t allow a stranger to walk up on them and invade their personal space so why is it when in a vehicle people get bumper to bumper with a car in front of them? Because being inside a vehicle gives the impression of safety. Modern vehicles are sheet metal, plastic and glass; all of which can be penetrated easily, especially with firearms or other dedicated weapons. Maintaining a 1.5-2 car length gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you provides: 1) reaction time in the event of a moving or non-moving problem 2) avenues of exit/escape to the left or right 3) time to exit the vehicle if it cannot be driven to safety. Exiting the vehicle provides space, mobility and the vehicle itself can be utilized as a barrier or momentary cover/concealment. Remaining inside the vehicle when parked, stopped, blocked or unable to drive to safety isolates the driver and passengers in a fixed position with limited space to move/act. While shooting from within and around vehicles are skills to have, tactics like proximity control provide the opportunity to react and effectively implement armed or unarmed skills effectively. #tactics #vehicletactics #defensivedriving #proxemics #mdts #mdtstraining #mindset


What will the threat be?

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What will the threat be? This young man walks up to homes in nice neighborhoods, rings the doorbell to see if anyone is home then breaks in; with a gun. What if you were home during such an incident or came home during the break in? Is this who you picture having to verbally engage, go hands on with or point a gun at? Being “ready” means more than being alert and having a gun or knife. It means you need to have a place in your head for a variety of situations, a variety of possible threats AND have the willingness and ability to take action when/if required. It may be a gang of men on motorcycles chasing you down a highway or three men with hammers or maybe it will be a young man with a gun. Create a space in your head for it because it’s out there. #mindset #training #mdts #readiness #awarewillingprepared #willingness



Concealed Carry During the Winter

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Cold weather means multiple layers if you are trying to stay warm. These multiple layers can have a significant effect on your every day carry placement and ability to access those tools efficiently. Consider this MDTS principle: limit cover garments of any 1st line personal protection tools to one layer of clothing. One layer is congruent with summer/fall carry for most and won’t inhibit access like multiple, thick layers. Consider the following Principles of Concealed Carry:



Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 7.36.39 PM

Concealed Carry Mistakes

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Probably the single biggest mistake that individuals who carry concealed (guns and/or knives) is “picking”. Frequently touching where the gun is or adjustment of the weapon. This is done mainly as a reassuring gesture or to adjust after changing a position like from sitting to standing.


To prevent this the concealed carrier must:

1) have confidence in their safe gun-handling skills, abilities and choice of concealment garments

2) have a comfortable holster or sheath set-up that fits body type

3) have good personal, situational and environmental awareness understanding that you are almost constantly being observed by someone when in public and that police as well as criminals pay attention.

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.55.30 AM

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NEShooters Summit AAR

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This was my fifth year teaching at the NEShooters summit in Pelham, NH. Training conferences like these are an excellent opportunity to sample and attend training on a number of personal protection and shooting oriented topics with some great instructors with varied backgrounds from all over the U.S. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded people while getting some excellent training.



As usual Northeast Shooters did an outstanding job of organizing this event. Held in Pelham, NH just over the Northern border of Massachusetts, people from all over the country came in for two days of training. From the ever changing and improving Pelham Fish & Game Club to their personal interaction with every attendee, the NEShooters staff (Mike, Doug & Andy) go out of their way to make sure you have a safe and fun learning experience. This year the summit provided 50+ attendees, broken into groups, with (2) hr training modules with instructor covering multiple topics to include: pistol (multiple modules), carbine, shotgun, team tactics, knife, medical, ground combatives and weapon retention & disarming. While I did not have the opportunity to attend every instructors block I was able to sit in on the opening lectures and presentation of most. Overall, this was some of the best training for the price point available today. Each block was a compressed curriculum highlighting specific foundational learning points. Attendees were presented with a skill, technique or tactic and then given time to shoot or drill the specific skills being presented. Each two hour block flew past and before you knew it that instructors block was done and you had to hustle to another range or to a classroom for the next block. Each day consisted of 4 x 2 hr blocks providing each attendee with 8 hrs of live fire training and 8 hrs of classroom lecture or hands on skill development. Friday night Bill Lewitt presented on Tactical Medicine after a quick meet and greet.


This years instructor cadre consisted of: 


Super Dave Harrington – Martial Gun / Combat Speed  – Pistol

Combatspeed LLC
4113 West Wyoming Ave
Tampa, Florida 33616
Cell Phone: (813) 263-6557


Bill Lewitt – Tactical Development Group – Tactical Medicine



Mike Janich – Martial Blade Concepts – Knife





Wes Doss – Khyber Interactive Associates  – Team Tactics




Cecil Burch – Immediate Action Combatives  – Ground Combatives




William Aprill – Aprill Risk Consulting  – Weapon Disarming

Photo 258



Kelly Venden, Gregg Delea & Kevin LeDoux – Criterion Tactical  – Carbine




Mike Seeklander – Shooting Performance  – CCW Pistol Skills




I taught a little Practical Shotgun




In summary, I can’t emphasize enough how beneficial these types of training conferences/summits/events are if you are interested in expanding your personal protection, shooting and physical skills. Having 9 different instructors to train with, ask questions and socialize with is a unique experience. An event such as this also allows you to identify what areas you need work on and from who you want to get the training to fix that deficiency. The guys from NEShooters are already planning next years event to be held n April. Keep an eye on their website and get in while you can.

MDTS Update: Courses Added

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MDTS has offered our In-Extremis Personal Medical block of instruction as a module or add-on course in classes since 2009, its nothing new. By request from clients, this year we will be offering that information in two stand-alone courses as well.


Check them out and keep an eye on the schedule page:

In-Extremis Medical Seminar

In-Extremis Medical Skills 



2014 T-Shirts Almost Here

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2013 was so busy for us I never had the time or opportunity to get a new T-Shirt design on paper. So, here is the 2014 shirt, nice and early. Black with white and silver graphics & text. Logo on front, reversed USA flag on left sleeve and our CROSSTRAIN graphic on back. Limited first run of (50) and (5) are already spoken for. Get one while you can. I will post an announcement when they are available at the MDTShop for sale. $25+$5 shipping CONUS. #Doyouevencrosstrain



Available Jan 2014



Black Friday 10% Off

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Use coupon code BF2013 at checkout to get 10% off all scheduled training classes or gift certificates from the MDTShop! One day only.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 9.24.28 PM


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Black Friday one day only discount on MDTS Training courses and gift certificates. Check back here Friday morning.

Photo 495

NOV/DEC/JAN Schedule

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Updated schedule for Nov/Dec/Jan, check it out and get in while you can.


I am often critical…

Posted on: October 15th, 2013 by admin 1 Comment
Hey Chris,


My name is Robert I was at the course this past weekend.


I have been involved in self defense for many years, I have trained in many disciplines since I was a kid, about 10 years ago I became involved with RBSD, I have trained in Senshido, Blauer Tactical, Attackproof and many other’s.


So now that you know my experience you can appreciate my comments. This was my first live fire pistol course and I thought it was perfect, it was exactly the introduction a person should have into using a handgun. Your analysis of pre-contact psychology, while brief was right on, I can see you have plenty of experience in adrenaline stress conditioning and response and have done plenty of research on the realities of violence.


I am often very critical of people who claim to be experts in self protection especially when they neglect to address the myriad of things that occurs prior to a confrontation (Preparation, Avoidance, Awareness, Escape, De-escalation). Individuals who only focus on the physicality of violence and the Technic’s are missing out on the strategies and tactics that setup conflict resolutions before they even start.


The fact that you could summarize these things quickly and succinctly showed that you had a high level of understanding in this area. I did catch a few references to NLP/NAC which I thought was pretty cool too, I’m a big fan of communication, I think listening and understand what others are saying is a lost art.


One thing I found especially important was when you briefly discussed associating with the attacker and speaking their language, creating a rapport with them. Most RBSD training looks down on demonstrative behavior during the de-escalation stage (except Geoff Thompson), which may work in many places but I think in New York it’s a little different, I feel like you can always backpedal from being assertive by apologizing but responding to confrontation from timidly sets the tone for the engagement, it creates the predator/prey paradigm where you are on the prey end of things.


Honestly I could go on and on about RBSD but I’m sure I’ve already killed a lot of your time. I could easily point out 100’s of things I enjoyed about your training. However I will finalize with this, in terms of shooting skill, when I first shot the SDR HI, I hit 2 center mass effectively and 2 left of the eye box (temple and check area). After going over sighting, grip and trigger control and the training you provided I witnessed immediate improvement’s. During the draw stroke live fire exercise I was shooting 45 cal bullets through their own holes in the center of the eye box, even the guy Rob and Jeff to my right were complimenting me on how nice the hole was in the paper. A big difference from the first set of exercises where there were many magic marker circles on my paper. So I can point to a direct result of your training and for that I thank you and I’m glad you came down to LI for the day.


Similarly your staff was great, Rob was very helpful and knowledgeable as well, I would also like to mention Tom, he was amazing, he displayed a tough exterior but I noticed him constantly showing high levels of generosity, he offered anything he had from advise to drinks to help out a group of strangers (well half were strangers).


Overall I really associated with your training, it falls in line with a lot of the research I have done myself and I found it to be very accurate. Well I feel like I’ve blown a lot of smoke up your ass, but the truth is most people haven’t done the research and don’t truly understand violence and at a glance I can tell that you have put in the time and I appreciate that.


Thank you,
Robert M., Farmingville NY