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MDTS Debrief: Knife Fight Vid Footage

Posted on: January 28th, 2014 by admin No Comments

Video footage from a knife fight outside of Hillview High School, Newlands East, South Africa.


Study of criminal assaults shows us that here in the U.S. during robberies, rape, kidnapping or assault one individual has a knife (or other weapon) and the good guy has nothing or the weapons they do have are concealed. This is what Craig Douglas (SouthNarc) described back in 2006 or earlier as “Unequal Initiative & Disproportionate Armament”.  They have a weapon out and ready, I have a weapon/s, however they are concealed and I have to catch up to them in order to equal the playing field or dig myself out of this initiative deficit.


One of my friends and knife mentors, Tom Sotis of AMOK! likes to say that if you have a knife and they have a knife it can very easily become a knife fight (paraphrased). Its just a matter of whether you have the skills to get the knife out and utilize it to protect yourself, in time. Thats a big part of training with the knife.


This vid is of a reported gang related incident far and away different from criminal assault most law abiding citizens here in the U.S. may encounter. Regardless, this  video demonstrates an actual knife vs. knife encounter and demonstrates many elements:


1) Dynamic movement, when space is available.


2) Both combatants, whether trained or untrained assume a reverse grip on the knife, attacking and counter-attacking with strong overhand downward thrusts or  in an attempt to plunge the knife into the other.


3) Note the use of the off-hand or support hand for ranging and in an attempt to attach and get ahold. Once attached an aggressive attacker can repeatedly make contact. Movement is a survival skill.


4) Note the use of other techniques such as the younger mans kick toward the end. Fighting with a knife is not just fighting with a knife, it’s a fight and a knife happens to be present making things a little more serious.


5) Heavy downward slash/stab to younger mans right quadrant was enough to cause him to disengage, he is now in ICU fighting for his life with puncture damage to liver, lungs and spleen.


6) Finally, note the size of these blades that are being used. 5+inches in length or more.


Link to full story here  with video if you cannot access Youtube vid due to age restrictions