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MDTS Pistol Drill Target – “Chase” Drill

Posted on: November 20th, 2013 by admin No Comments

A printable pistol accuracy training target that makes practice fun


Some of us here in the Northeast are limited by the rules imposed at our respective range when it comes to firearms training and practice. No rapid fire, no movement, no drawing from the holster. “Change ranges or move” isn’t that easy for people who have established lives, families and jobs in this region of the country or in our home state. The number of ranges is also very limited from county to county, state to state. So, how do we get decent training while adhering to such rules. Here is one solution (I hope to post others over the next few months) that I have found to work well under these restrictive conditions allowing me to work on essential skills and get a decent shooting practice session in vs. just going to the range with no definitive plan of action. That is also worth mentioning; have a plan whenever you go to the range. Ammunition has been limited, prices are high and time is limited. Get the most out of your practice session in the fewest number of rounds.


I shot a drill called the “Chase” drill with some friends several years ago (2008?) Wherein one shooter engages a designated target and the second shooter (partner) immediately located and shot the same designated target, attempting to put their round through the same hole as shooter 1. Its a fun drill and has great value in my opinion so I drew up this target, range drill sheet. It can be used for practice in two (probably more) ways:


1) As a precision marksmanship practice tool – Start at 2/3 yards and slow fire one precision shot into each triangle then increase distance by one yard. We see in classes that once a little pressure is introduced shooters groupings start to open up, sometimes significantly. So, use this target to practice those marksmanship skills learned in class.


2) Chase Drill – as described above, use this target to “Play practice” the chase drill with a shooting partner. Don’t go in any defined sequence if you are the first to shoot. Pick the top right triangle, then a middle one, then one on the far right and so on. Your partner has to locate where your round went and do their best to rapidly place their round right on top of your round. If you miss a triangle the drill begins again and they get to go first. If they miss the hole you punched in the triangle you continue to lead the drill. Have fun and let me know how you do.


Printable Chase Drill Target