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Is Your Family Ready to Defend Themselves?

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Is Your Family Ready to Defend Themselves – defensive considerations for those who have multiples firearms and multiple family members.

Who are you preparing to protect and have you given THEM the tools to protect themselves(wife,husband,son, daughter,significant other)?

NOTE-all of these thoughts and considerations are age dependent for children.



Family readiness considerations:

1)Gradually introduce the concepts of personal protection to family members vs. forcing it upon them.

2)Speak with everyone about awareness and how, as a family, you can better pay attention to what’s going on around you. Recruit kids to be “look out” for you when you have to check a phone message or direct your attention to a task in public. Kids find this game fun and you’re helping to develop their awareness skills early on.

3)Talk to them about guns, why you carry one, safety, the dangers associated with them and make it clear to them that it’s not to be discussed with others unless at the range or a shooting event.

4)Are family members familiar enough with the guns you own to operate them in a time of need both at home or in public, possibly grabbing your CCW firearm if you are down or injured.

5)The simpler the manual of arms of a handgun the faster they can learn & adapt. A striker fired handgun can be put in the eye-line, sights aligned and trigger pressed with minimal practice.

6)Do you frequently switch between “carry guns”? YOU may be familiar with and have the ability to quickly and accurately shoot every gun in your collection but can they? Switching between guns thus requires everyone be familiar and have the ability to operate.

7)Do they know where you carry your firearm(s) on your person and where you store them at home? Do they have access codes to gun-safes? (age appropriate)

8)If firearms are staged at home for protection make sure the guns they are familiar with and can operate are separated from all others, are ready and accessible to them. Having a safe full of multiple guns looks good to you but may be detrimental to them during a bad situation.

9)Disengage ego from the idea that YOU will always be the primary protector. Consider yourself team leader not sole protector. Finally, you may be the first killed, injured or not even there.


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How to Clear Pistol Malfunctions 

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How to Clear Pistol Malfunctions


Video and guidelines on clearing pistol malfunctions.

Note, this is done with dummy rounds. NO LIVE AMMUNITION is in the room.

If you choose to practice these verify the handgun is safe and clear by visually and physically checking it at least twice. Make sure no live ammunition is in the room you are practicing in. Verify you are using dummy rounds by checking each individual round.



How to Clear Pistol Malfunctions considerations and study guidelines:


Diagnostic vs. non-diagnostic assessment i.e. look at gun or work off what gun does or doesn’t do?

Will clearance method work in dark, on the move, with one hand (cred @heybminus)?

Are you just shooting or are you fighting? Is time a factor?

Aggressive manipulation of pistol allows extractor, ejector and recoil spring to do jobs most effectively.

Turning pistol so ejection port faces ground allows gravity to assist clearing any spent casings or debris.

Correct gear and pistol modifications can assist clearance such as mag extensions, enlarged mag base plates and grip mods.

If time not a factor(shooting)then all pistol malf’s can be remedied, with the exception of the failure to unlock, by unloading pistol all the way and reloading. For failure to “unlock” wherein magazine is removed and slide cannot be locked to rear, grasp top of slide with support hand firmly and with web of firing hand strike the tang or beaver tail of pistol to “unlock” then lock slide rear.

If time a factor (fighting) remediation is broken into Immediate Action (rapid fix) and Remedial Action (possibly more timely fix).


Immediate Action & Remedial Action

Immediate Action(IA)=robustly tap base plate of mag,assuring proper seating of mag and aggressive reciprocation of slide (rack). This method works to fix gun out of battery, failure to feed/fire, failure to eject (stovepipe) and any debris lodged in ejection port.

Remedial Action(RA)=when gun, gear and operator hand strength will allow, engage mag release, rip mag out of gun, reinsert mag and reciprocate slide. This works to fix linear malfunctions/failure to extract (double feeds). IF mag cannot be removed in an efficient manner then lock slide to rear, remove magazine, reciprocate slide (more than once) and reload

Quick Reference -If gun does not shoot when trigger pressed then IA= tap+rack. IF IA didn’t work then RA=rip mag out-reinsert+rack or lock-rip-rack-reload. When slide won’t move to rear then web hand strike to tang. If out of battery then tap rear of slide with palm or tap+rack.


Dummy rounds used here, clear guns and remove live ammo from room.


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Firearms Training Feedback

Posted on: September 2nd, 2016 by admin No Comments

A little feedback from a client who attended one of our firearms training classes in the Syracuse, NY area.