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Small Knives for Self Defense

Posted on: October 1st, 2016 by admin No Comments

*Please note, it is YOUR responsibility to know and understand the laws regarding carrying a knife. This post and video are for information purposes only.


Small Knives for Self Defense video with considerations for utilizing smaller edged weapons for self defense.




Small Knives for Self Defense


The goal of any defensive knife usage is to effect disengagement by the attacker as quickly as possible; to get an attacker(s) off you and keep them away. To STOP the threat.


What can be accomplished with a 6 plus inch field knife is different than what can be accomplished with a 3-4 inch small fixed blade or folder. Larger blades have more mass and weight thus requiring less power to inflict fight stopping wounds. The small knife, while dangerous, requires more power due to its reduced weight and blade length.


Other factors may inhibit its effectiveness in a defensive situation to include heavy clothing, subject drug usage, movement, aggression and determination of attacker. Small knife techniques when applying power to thrusts, slashes and hacks will closely resemble empty hand boxing. The small knife simply acts as a sharpened, pointed, extension of the hand.


Once knife mechanics have been learned techniques are practiced with speed and power to effective target areas and then integrated with tactics.


See also Defensive Knives and Stopping The Threat




Practical Small Knife 2

Posted on: December 12th, 2013 by admin No Comments

The Practical Small Knife Skills 2 course will outline an effective defensive structure utilizing a small knife or knife-like object. Core skills sets presented in PSKS1 are reviewed and drilled then new material is presented including knife vs. knife drilling to develop speed, reaction, timing, power and tactics.


Course Topics/Modules of Instruction:
Counter Knife Skills & Ranged Accessing
Forward & Reverse Grip Skills & Drilling:
Counter-Offensive Movement
Support Hand Integration



Equipment List:
Inert training knives will be provided for all training evolutions, eye protection (some eye protection will be available), mouth guard, groin protection, your personal folding knife (optional), note taking materials


*A knife is NOT required to attend this course. Various makes, models and designs from modern manufacturers of will be on display for those who may be deciding what knife they would like to purchase.


*Attendees will be subject to moderate to greater than moderate contact. Be prepared.