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Understanding and practicing good proximity control while afoot AND in vehicles is a tactic that can go a long way toward identifying, escaping or acting to prevent possible trouble. Most people won’t allow a stranger to walk up on them and invade their personal space so why is it when in a vehicle people get bumper to bumper with a car in front of them? Because being inside a vehicle gives the impression of safety. Modern vehicles are sheet metal, plastic and glass; all of which can be penetrated easily, especially with firearms or other dedicated weapons. Maintaining a 1.5-2 car length gap between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you provides: 1) reaction time in the event of a moving or non-moving problem 2) avenues of exit/escape to the left or right 3) time to exit the vehicle if it cannot be driven to safety. Exiting the vehicle provides space, mobility and the vehicle itself can be utilized as a barrier or momentary cover/concealment. Remaining inside the vehicle when parked, stopped, blocked or unable to drive to safety isolates the driver and passengers in a fixed position with limited space to move/act. While shooting from within and around vehicles are skills to have, tactics like proximity control provide the opportunity to react and effectively implement armed or unarmed skills effectively. #tactics #vehicletactics #defensivedriving #proxemics #mdts #mdtstraining #mindset