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GEAR: RG No VIs Med Kit

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by admin 1 Comment


I have been testing out the Rogue Gunfighter No Vis Ankle Medical Kit for a few weeks now. Last year I worked with two different ankle mounted kits with mixed results. One didn’t retain the med supplies well enough and the other was uncomfortable to the point that I would take it off after a couple hours of wear.


The Rogue Gunfighter No Vis Ankle Med Kit is the best I have seen and utilized yet. A number of options are available: You can get just the ankle rig with no supplies or you can get a full blown pre-stocked kit. You can add and choose from hemostatic agents available like Celox or Quikclot. I bought mine without any med supplies choosing to stock the kit myself. At $47 shipped (free shipping) for just the basic ankle rig with no supplies I was a little concerned that the product was over priced, especially after my previous experiences. I can honestly say now, after wearing this rig, that I would have paid more. This is a well thought out, easy to conceal, hold a ton of supplies option that is so comfortable I forgot I was wearing it.

Check out the Rogue Gunfighter No VIs Ankle Med Kit if you EDC any kind of personal medical gear. Highly recommended.