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MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. We specialize in pistol, concealed carry, shotgun, carbine, defensive knife, less lethal, physical defense and threat awareness training courses. Mobile training courses are available in N.Y. and abroad. Contact us to host a training course at your range or location. Click logo below to see schedule of classes near you.

MDTS Concealed Carry Principles


STUDY: handgun theft in AZ McDonalds. Considerations: 1) Responsibility. If you own a gun you have a responsibility to keep that gun from falling into the wrong hands. Responsibility also means educating oneself to the proper mindset and methods of carry. A back pocket it not one of them. 2) Open Carry overtly displays to everyone in your environment that you are armed. This MAY dissuade some criminals or, like in this case, it may attract them 3) Awareness- retention of the handgun consists of personal, situational and environmental awareness. None of which was exhibited here. 4) IF choosing to open carry, a retention type holster is highly recommended. You are not doing anything new or revolutionary. The police have retention holsters for a reason. 5) Note the demeanor of the criminal. Dude barely breaks stride and doesn't conclude his phone convo until exiting. This individual was able to read the incompetence of the gun owner immediately and took action accordingly. 6) In the last few years I've seen more and more people who treat guns, mostly handguns, with little respect for what they can do. These same individuals are also unaware of the responsibility they possess when carrying a handgun. The gun stolen in this vid is now in the hands of a criminal and it may later be used in a crime to threaten, harm or kill someone. A handgun is not a magic talisman that wards away evil or bad people. A lot of criminals have had guns pointed at them and are not scared or threatened by them. A handgun is not a piece of jewelry or accessory that you wear or carry around with you as a status symbol. Finally, WE as a community have a responsibility to better educate others about guns. For all of the political stammering about preventing gun violence the one area that is always neglected is education. If you have a friend, family member or co-worker who demonstrates a nonchalant attitude toward guns and gun-handling show them this vid and attempt to educate them. Even if you help or get through to one person you may prevent an incident such as seen here or worse. #MDTS #training #responsibility #handgun #pistol #educateyourselfandothers

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