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MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. We specialize in pistol, concealed carry, shotgun, carbine, defensive knife, less lethal, physical defense and threat awareness training courses. Mobile training courses are available in N.Y. and abroad. Contact us to host a training course at your range or location. Click logo below to see schedule of classes near you.

MDTS Concealed Carry Principles


SHOTGUN: Proper mount position of the shotgun on the upper torso can mean the difference between safe, effective, enjoyable shooting and possible damage to the shooter and a dislike for the shotgun. Mounting the stock inboard of the shoulder on the pectoral muscle of the chest (see green line on Muscles of Shoulder and Chest image) combined with proper posture when shooting will significantly reduce many problems. Note in the accompanying image the forward posture of shooter (red line) and location of stock inboard of shoulder joint (white box) on pectoral during this 8 shot elevator drill (video). While there is energy transferred from recoil into the shooter, at no time does it push him back onto his heels or repeatedly slam into the shoulder joint itself. One factor that can affect proper mounting is poor fit of the shotgun to the shooter particularly the length of the stock. The longer the stock the more likely that, for comfort, especially when stressed or fatigued, the user will mount the stock further out on the shoulder joint (see red line in Muscles of Shoulder and Chest image) or the stock will migrate subconsciously out onto the joint. This places pressure and felt recoil onto the small front deltoid muscle and for smaller or thinner individuals onto the shoulder joint itself. Shooting a few rounds of bird or 00buck may not be an issue but running numerous rounds or a couple slugs through a gun with the stock on the joint will cause pain, discomfort, eventual bruising and a bad attitude toward the shotgun. This also pushes the shooter into a more bladed stance and upright posture which can limit rapid movement and the ability to mitigate recoil. While other modifications to the shotgun can help reduce felt recoil such mod's can cost significant $$ reducing the affordability that the shotgun offers over alternative defensive firearms. Proper mount + proper fit + recoil mitigation techniques = safe, effective and enjoyable shotgunning. #mdts #shotgun #practicalshotgunskills #forfightingnotfacebook @riggs.martin @aprillriskconsulting @immediateactioncombatives @sharpdefense @llindenman @pfc_training #training #igmilitia #theigmilitia

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