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READINESS: Interpersonal conflict 

READINESS: Interpersonal conflict can be broken into two types: 1) Brewing and 2) Spontaneous. A brewing situation implies knowledge of a potential threat or conflict. This may be an argument with a co-worker or being approached by an unknown individual at a minimart who you've asked to stop encroaching into your space but does not comply. A spontaneous conflict is an ambush, an event that happens quickly with very little advance warning. Predatory criminals and violent criminal actors utilize both methods to achieve their goals of assault, robbery, rape or kidnapping. Both situations are dangerous so how to protect against them? "Awareness" comes to mind however we don't DO awareness. We know what awareness is but few people practice good awareness. Consider instead "Observe" and become a better observer. Observing people in our environment is somethings we can DO. Observe what is around you through a lens based on training and experience. Training teaches what to observe or look for such as threat indicators or cues and practicing that observation every day gives you experience. Combine these with your intuition or how the situation feels and you have a method that enables you to pick up on things quicker and notice warning signs that may be missed otherwise. Expect trouble to find you, today is that day. If it turns out today isn't that day then what did you lose? Nothing. You bettered yourself by observing more and and by being PRESENT in your environment. Finally, follow "Givens Law" (Tom Givens, Rangemaster) by regularly asking yourself who's around you and what are they doing to ingrain those observational skills. #mdts #training #omeca #observe #mindset @aprillriskconsulting #tomgivens #rangemaster #readiness

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