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Random Violence

Random Violence: Walmart Baseball Bat Attack


Random Violence: Walmart Baseball Bat Attack Study

Random violence baseball bat attack on 18y.o. girl in Walmart. Attacker stated he watched movie where someone hit person with bat and wanted to try it. Also stated victim was in wrong place at wrong time. Attackers family stated Mosley (attacker) has mental issues.




1) Random/Spontaneous Attacks- we can’t know what’s going on in someone else’s head. Awareness of those around us, especially in public areas like stores, public gatherings and transitional zones like mini-marts & parking lots must be practiced and applied constantly no matter how safe you “think” you are in local environment.

2) Individual walking in a store that probably sells baseball bats isn’t that odd but should get your attention. ANY unknown person in immediate environment with possible contact type weapon should be noted and observed.

3) For armed citizens, if awareness allowed would going for gun, at that distance, from side, have been an option? A gun/knife won’t solve all potential problems.Have other skills, study and gain defensive physical skills. We live in a weapons based environment. Have ability to counter a contact weapons in close quarters.

4) Physical Defense- IF awareness allowed, would retreating and creating distance or attack & close distance be best solution for attack like this against long weapon? Danger is in mid range (at end of bat). Distance favors armed & trained shooter IF distance can be achieved without taking punishment. Attacking the attacker gets inside arc of long weapon and allows application of physical defense tools or lethal force tools. Consider: Cover-Crash-Contact-Control and/or apply force.

5) Reactive Movement: train & practice live fire reaction to flanking threats at 90 and 180 degrees. However, this threat is very close. Would your carry location of gun allow fast and efficient access and do you understand proper extension & compression of pistol based on distance from threat?

6) Note attack from blind spot, he wanted a victim not a fight.

7) Girl took blunt force blow to neck/head and wasn’t out. Human animal can sustain enormous punishment.


Awareness is number one skill set. Can happen anywhere at anytime. It’s not over till its over. Keep fighting.


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