Practical Carbine Skills 3
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Carbine Cover and Concealment Module

Practical Carbine Skills 3

The Practical Carbine Skills 3 course provides individuals with immediately accessible knowledge, skills, and information to properly prepare for an incident wherein yourself and possibly one or more family members may be involved. Understanding the mindset you need to have, importance of pre-developed communication protocols and the dynamics of close confrontation are key to effective protection of others. The vast majority of square range training is conducted in a “solo” context. In this course, after an initial shooter baseline skill level is determined, all drills will be shot in close proximity to a second and sometimes third party. It is strongly suggested that you attend this course with a spouse, partner or other family member since they will likely be the ones you are protecting or perhaps the ones protecting you.

This course is a combination of lecture, discussion, live fire drills and dry-fire scenarios. Practical Carbine Skills 1 is a REQUIRED prerequisite to attend this course. For safety reasons this course is limited to 10-14 participants depending upon range facility.

Course content will include but is not limited to:
Firearm Safety/Range Safety
Live Fire Diagnostics
One Hand Carbine Operation & Manipulations
Response Planning – Team (Spouse, Son or Daughter) Tactics
Communicating with Family, Contacting & Communicating with Authorities
Live Fire Protective Carbine Skills
Challenge & Control of Unknown Subjects
In-Extremis Personal & Second Party Medical / Wounded Shooter Drills
Vehicle Considerations

Equipment List:
A serviceable carbine to include M4, AR15, AK47 or pistol caliber rifle, a minimum of 3 magazines, 300 rounds rifle – NO GREEN TIP OR AP AMMUNITION, 50 rounds pistol, eye and ear protection, pistol and minimum of 2 magazines (if you own a pistol), appropriate clothing for weather, water, hat with brim, lockable gun case. optional equipment- sling, gloves & knee pads.

*A pistol is not required to attend this course

**Lunch is limited to 30 minutes max and is often a “working” lunch where discussion of specific aspects related to the days class or a module of instruction is presented. Therefore it is highly recommended you bring a bag lunch.

****Contact us today if you would like to host MDTS at your range or facility or come to us here in the Mohawk Valley region for a Practical Carbine Skills course. We have range and classroom facilities available that can accommodate large groups (12+), semi-private (2-4) or private training (1 on 1).

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