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PISTOL: Sights+Accuracy 

PISTOL: Varied distances and target sizes require different sight pictures (sights aligned properly then super imposed over the target or exact point you want the rounds to impact) and said distances/sizes will determine how precisely you have to focus vision on the sights. Within 10 yds on a man-size torso you may spend less time focusing your vision on the front sight once an acceptable sight picture has been acquired (see image A). At greater distance or when shooting a smaller target more time or more precise focus of your vision on the front sight, verifying proper alignment of sights and sight picture, may be required depending on the shooter (see image B). Until you can maintain a standard of accuracy at VARIED distances a focus on speed should be secondary. What we think we can do is often different than what we can do. Put ego aside and hold to stringent accuracy standards at varied distances (recent training class, 10 and 15 yd work with Glock 43, image C). Once those accuracy standards can be met consistently begin to integrate speed constantly striving to go faster until you see a break down in accuracy or safe gun-handling mechanics (video- once I established an acceptable sight picture at this distance and in this position I was able to pick up the shot cadence a bit). One of the biggest challenges I observe for new shooters is developing an understanding of when they can go fast and when they have to slow down to get the best sight picture for accurate first round hits. Constantly varying the distances and sizes of targets you train on will develop this understanding and always hold yourself to stringent accuracy standards. "Good enough doesn't work here"-Brian Hartman, Lead Instructor @pfctraining @heybminus #MDTS #training #shooting #pistol #handgun #practicalpistolskills @glockinc #g43

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