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MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. We specialize in pistol, concealed carry, shotgun, carbine, defensive knife, less lethal, physical defense and threat awareness training courses. Mobile training courses are available in N.Y. and abroad. Contact us to host a training course at your range or location. Click logo below to see schedule of classes near you.

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MULTIDISCIPLINARY TRAINING: #Repost from last summer, reviving this post because of convo I had with several "shooters" this weekend at the Practical Pistol Skills 1 course and after. Are you ready for the possible eventualities of conflict? Consider. ・・・ MULTIDISCIPLINARY TRAINING: The early Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) demonstrated the necessity for the competitors to cross train in multiple empty hand fighting systems. The "punchers" and "kickers" learned quickly that without a ground game they were unprepared for that eventuality and vice versa. For those interested in personal protection and how to counter criminal assault (robbery, rape, kidnapping, assault) the omnipresence of weapons (WBE), possibility of assault going to ground, close quarter or extended threats and multiple threats requires the same multidisciplinary study in an effort to be as prepared as possible. If your level of preparedness encompasses one dimension of fighting E.g. you are just a "shooter", "grappler" or "knife guy" then you may not be prepared for the presentation of something outside of the discipline you study, train and live in. While perfection of one fighting style, system or art is admirable, proficiency in multiple disciplines often proves more essential. #mutidisciplinary #dothework #crosstrain #mdts #ecqc #training #BJJ #shooting #knife @shivworks_and_alumni @sharpdefense @immediateactioncombatives @aprillriskconsulting @pfc_training

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