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MDTS Instructor Luke Slatton

Luke Slatton

Luke Slatton – Assitant Instructor for Designated Firearms Courses

CPT Luke Slatton is an infantry officer in the US Army and an Army Ranger with significant combat experience. Luke spent more than 27 months deployed in support of the Global War on Terror (OIF/OEF). He has conducted combined arms combat operations with every branch of the military, and conducted operations with both foreign and domestic Private Military/Security Companies. Luke is a subject matter expert on small unit tactics and combined arms integration, with a focus on military operations in urban terrain (MOUT).

In conjunction with his experience as a combat leader, Luke spent more than a year as a training officer for an Airborne Infantry Battalion, where he developed training plans and doctrine. Luke has planned and executed countless small arms densities, live fire exercises, shoot-houses, and stress shoots; incorporating every weapon system from 9mm to .50 Cal. In addition, Luke has conducted joint training exercises with numerous foreign forces including, Thailand, Korea, Australia, and the UK. Luke is also a certified trainer of Modern Army Combatives.

Luke holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Central Arkansas and a Master’s Degree from Utica College. He is an instructor and training officer for Syracuse University ROTC, and lectures on International Humanitarian Law and Rules of Engagement for a graduate-level seminar. Luke is currently the military/veteran liaison for the Sitrin Health Care Center, helping to develop a state-of-the-art Veterans’ Rehabilitation Program.


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