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KNOWLEDGE: UOF, A&P & Stopping Threats

KNOWLEDGE: the goal of any use of force is to STOP the threat to self or others. Avoidance, Escape and attempts to Defuse a situation with verbal and physical boundary setting should precede the use of force if time/situation allows. Handguns are notoriously poor man stoppers, people are tough and extremely robust when determined, in altered mental states and/or when using drugs. Bullets stop attackers via: 1) accurate shot placement 2)tissue damage and subsequent blood loss/blood pressure drop 3) psychological response. Accurate shots to the cranio-ocular cavity (see yellow box on graphic) are a direct path to the central nervous system. Imagine attacker wearing a 2inch sweat band over the eyes which wraps around the head, covering top half of ears and lower part of back of head. This is the "band" within which precision marksmanship shots must be placed to effect an immediate stop. Not all head shots are created equal, deflection off skull or hits to other parts of the head may not stop or incapacitate the attacker. Larger target areas may be engaged (see green box covering high chest, neck and pelvic area) with combative marksmanship, when time is limited due to distance or movement of the attacker making head shots problematic. Tissue damage due to the cavitation effect of bullets takes time for cumulative effect of wounds, fragmentation of bullets and bone to generate mass blood loss and subsequent blood pressure drop. While a larger area and possibly easier to hit time is a factor allowing the attacker to continue aggression (Peter Soulis Incident). A pistol does not provide the "saturation" effect a load of 00 buckshot from a shotgun does creating multiple wound channels and massive tissue damage in rapid succession. Psychological response to bullets (giving up) cannot be relied upon however numerous incidents demonstrate attackers giving up after being shot once or multiple times while maintaining the mental and physical capacity to fight. Conclusion: the desired target determines which type of marksmanship is required (precision/combative). Study anatomy & physiology and previous gun related incidents to better understand use of force. #mdts#training

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