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KNIVES: Spyderco Manix 2 

A little look at an excellent every day carry knife for self defense or utility.

KNIVES: I'm liking the #spyderco manix2 for #EDC – the G10 handle and aggressive thumb, choil and handle jimping make it comfortable and secure in a variety of grips. Here I'm utilizing a modified Saber, sometimes called the Foil or Pinch Grip during a quick mirco-practice session (10min). This grip places the thumb on the side of the blade and with this knife I'm utilizing the patented spyder-hole. In this grip the blade is almost oriented horizontally in the hand, with the edge traditionally facing left. A very secure grip with small knives, especially ones with short handles, the pinching force between the thumb and index finger (hooked into the knife choil) isolates any movement of the blade when applying force to the edge. Inward slashing and especially thrusting are facilitated with this grip, though backhand slashing may be limited depending on the flexibility of the user. Perhaps this grip’s strongest attribute is the ability it offers the user to pick up and strongly thrust any small knife or pointed object such as a pen, a key or a micro-knife. #picoftheday #mdtstraining #mdts #practicalsmallknifeskills #foldingknife #defensiveknife #training #manix2

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