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MDTS is a New York based firearms training and personal protection consulting company. We specialize in pistol, concealed carry, shotgun, carbine, defensive knife, less lethal, physical defense and threat awareness training courses. Mobile training courses are available in N.Y. and abroad. Contact us to host a training course at your range or location. Click logo below to see schedule of classes near you.

MDTS Concealed Carry Principles

Jason Wong, M.D., Manahawkin NJ

Chris is a dynamic teacher and has made this class a great way to learn about our firearms as well as our ability to effectively utilize the carbine. Chris describes this course as a lesson in fundamentals. I would have to agree. Rather than teaching about the weapon, he taught us about our capabilites in safely handling these weapons as an extension of ourselves. It was a class about having/using another “tool” (for lack of a better term) in our armamentarium for self defense. Chris covered alot of material for one day. He has designed the course in such a way that each subsequent topic adds to and reinforces the previous topic. Chris has the rare and exceptional ability to teach well. He explains as well as demonstrates what he expects us to learn. He integrates alot of material which is relevent to the lesson module. As a physician, I am impressed with his understanding of human anatomy and physiology as well as his medical knowledge. Who, besides Chris, could make rods and cones an interesting subject. His first aid lesson during one of his other courses was “cutting edge”. Everything he teaches is relevent. There are no wasted moments or words. He takes advantage of “teachable moments” even in the middle of a drill. He will repeat somethings repeatedly. This is a big clue on what the “take home” messages are. The drills were fun as well as functional. We shot approximately 450 carbine rounds and about 50 pistol. The class was designed to allow the more advanced students progress and the less experienced students gain some confidence. I don’t think there was anyone who thought the class was too elementary or too advanced. At the end of the day I was surprised by the people who said thay had minimal experince with the carbine or never really handled one in this kind of environment. No one appeared inexperienced. Everyone was pushed to the limit of their ability.

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