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GEAR: Way of the Gun B.E.L.T.

EDC GEAR: I must have 15 different EDC/"Gun Belts" and like holsters I am constantly researching anything new to find something better, more comfortable and more efficient. The Frank Proctor Way of the Gun B.E.L.T. – Bring Everything Light Tactical belt is very impressive. If you want a decent covert carry belt that provides multiple options then check this belt out. A 1.5" nylon webbing belt with built in stiffeners on the sides and six built in elastic loops: two in the front just left of the plastic D-ring buckle, one at the 8 O'clock position and one at the 4 O'clock position both in front of larger elastic carbine mag loop. All of the loops are heavy duty elastic with some sort of scuba plastic backing inside to hold the magazines or whatever you decide to carry there in place. There is an additional Velcro pouch located at the 6 O'clock position for smaller items such as $$, a handcuff key or whatever. Worn under just a t-shirt this setup pictured disappears. Be aware that this is NOT a "range belt" meant for training or practice sessions although I have utilized it for my daily dryfire regimen. It is somewhat difficult replacing the mags back into the loops but not impossible; it's just not as convenient as having a dedicated Kydex mag pouch to easily reinsert the mags while repping skills out. This is a covert belt meant for EDC. My initial assessment is very positive and I look forward to running this belt for awhile in and out of classes. More coming on this with more pics. #frankproctor #wayofthegun #BELT #covertcarry #covertbelt #edc #mdts #gear #training #kit #testing @elzetta @glockinc #magpul

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