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FOLDING KNIFE: technical work 

FOLDING KNIFE: more technical work fending, accessing, deploying and countering with the folding knife @benchmadeknifecompany #pardue 530 Similar to dry fire practice with firearms, getting in the reps accessing and deploying that blade efficiently and consistently is essential. Somewhat difficult to see here because of the lighting but I'm following the S.T.A.B. method: 1) Slap the pocket or area where folder is carried with splayed fingers allowing immediate index and location of the folder no matter where it has moved throughout the day. This eliminates "fishing" for the folder if it's moved or shifted from where you initially placed it. 2)Tuck the thumb deep behind the folder in pocket acquiring a deep palm grip providing better access to the opening mechanism (stud, hole, disc) 3) Access by drawing straight upward maintaining a tight economical structure, elbow close to body, hand and wrist stay oriented in front of hips 4) Brace against hip long enough to operate opening mechanism and deploy blade. Try to avoid extraneous movements allowing hand, wrist and elbow to move far away from the torso unless utilized as a bait or fake, this can provide opportunities for the aggressor to foul the presentation in close proximity. #MDTS #training #practicalsmallknifeskills #smallknives #foldingknives #defensiveknife #edgedweapons #benchmade #studytrainpracticetest #practice

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