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MDTS Debrief

A few observations and considerations from three totally unrelated acts of violence in the states of NY, PA, MI. A lot can be learned from studying incidents like these and others. So, from time to time we will post an MDTS Debrief, our observations from these incidents and some practical considerations.


What do they have in common?


1) They are ALL seemingly spontaneous acts of violence


We break interpersonal violence into two categories:

1) Brewing – when two or more individuals are engaged in some form of heated verbal interrogatory, prior to an assault or crime.

2) Spontaneous – when an act of violence erupts, seemingly out of nowhere and for no known reason to the victim/s.


Man shot dead in road rage incident, RT81, PA.


New York man arrested for seven “Knockout” assaults 


What can we learn from these incidents?


Awareness is your first and best line of personal defense.


We have no idea what may be going on in the strangers head sitting next to us on a bus, driving next to us or walking on the street – whenever in public, non-secure locations, maintain awareness.


We only control Mindset, level of Training and the Gear we bring to any situation (thanks Brian Hartman from PFC for that); thats it. We don’t get to control where, when, how many or what weapons they have.


  1. Mindset: A willingness to win at all costs, awareness, an understanding of initiative, the OODA loop, fear control and post-incident SOP ready to go at all times.
  2. Training: There are people who survive incidents like those seen above every day. However, my goal is not to survive, my goal is to never be involved in something like this in the first place and IF it does occur I will be the victor, no matter what. Without some form of training, yes, you may survive an incident, you may also end up crippled, paralyzed or having to home-care a loved one who was critically injured during the incident but “survived”.
  3. Gear: Simply owning or having a gun is not enough. Training with the gun, proper carry position and support gear set up, like a top of the line holster, can mean the difference between life and death. If you study the video of the bus shooting above, the shooter draws the firearm, seemingly chambers a round, attempts to fire, has a failure to fire, fires ONCE, then attempts to fire again and then dis-engages. Good for the victim, however, what if roles were reversed and the defenders weapon didn’t work properly. I know what you are thinking: that would never happen to me. Ok, how about some type of medical gear to care for your wounds or the wounds of a loved one post-incident? Quality weapons and performance designed gear, set-up and support gear are essential.


Vehicles do not equal safety. Being in or staying in your car does not make you “Safe”. De-bus and create space as soon as vehicles have ceased movement.


Calling 911 is not a viable personal protection strategy, it never has been. What it apparently is good for is to provide blow by blow info to your family about how you died. See the road rage article above.


War game, visualize and rehearse responses to spontaneous attacks. Visualization is a proven training method utilized by professional athletes, soldiers and successful people. Imagine what your response would be to an aggressive driver on the road or a guy pulling a gun on a bus. This visualization provides an subconscious “experience” for the mind to refer back to if ever presented with a real situation.


See here for some info on dealing with the Knockout Game



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