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DOMINANT POSITION: A positional & timing advantage

DOMINANT POSITION: "A dominant position provides a positional and timing advantage " – SouthNarc, ~2009 @shivworks_and_alumni Whether it's boxing, BJJ, weapon work, structure clearing or defensive tool access (see pic) a dominant position provides a momentary position of safety, greater opportunity to counter attack effectively and limits ability of attacker to foul or stop your action. Timing is a matter of securing the dominant position long enough to take action such as bring a defensive tool into play (without it being negated), execute an arm bar or deliver effective strikes. This process is dynamic requiring a technical understanding of: 1) WHY the dominant position is necessary- Fighting from a non-dominant position places you in effective range of all the attackers weapons providing them with visual and tactile superiority. Situational outcome when fighting from a non-dominant position is dependent upon initiative, skill level, luck and attributes such strength, size, speed 2) WHERE is the dominant position I need to achieve- Flanking to sides or back often limits attackers ability to see what you're doing and limits some of their weapons providing momentary safety. All of this is momentary; a dominant position is in constant jeopardy of reversal or counter attack. 3) HOW to get to said position- positional dominance has been an important part of all the combat arts I have experienced. Achieving dominant position against skilled or determined attacker(s) is a technical skill requiring proper understanding and practice. There's more to it than simply having a gun, knife or couple of classes under your belt. The goal: "Be good, not lucky" – @pfc_training & @heybminus Principles of Combat. Study, train, practice and test accordingly. #MDTS #training #trainpracticetest #resistance #pressuretesting #oppositionaltraining @immediateactioncombatives @aprillriskconsulting @llindenman @sharpdefense @matt_hajdasz @fineedgeflyers

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