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Defensive Shotgun Considerations

Defensive Shotgun Considerations

A few considerations regarding defensive shotgun ammunition management, patterning and multiple projectiles.



Defensive Shotgun Considerations

Ammunition management is an essential skill. Pick a couple of practical loading techniques that work for you on the move, in the dark and in a variety of positions and drill them extensively. This video is from our combative application & individual patterning drill using Federal Flight Control 00 Buck. Note the pattern on the target at 7 plus yards with head shots. We had four shooters running this load in this class with different shotguns. All demonstrated almost identical patterns. I recommend Federal Flight Control double aught and #1 buckshot loads for defensive applications.

Sight management and good shooting fundamentals are as essential with the shotgun as with any other firearm. It is not just a “point & shoot” gun despite what some will tell you.

Remember, multiple projectiles are discharged with each trigger press. Note the shell cup in the accompanying pic lodged into the 1/4in plywood backer. Can that cause serious injury? You are a responsible for all of the projectiles you send down range. Know how your shotgun patterns with each ammunition type and brand you have on hand at varied distances.

Measure maximum visual distance in your home such as down a hallway or across a living room. Pattern each shotgun with each ammunition out to that distance.


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