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Could you fight 15 men?


Andrew Frey did, for a time, after being tazed. This is one of numerous incidents where a subject, high on methamphetamines was able to do extraordinary things.

What if an individual in this condition, or two, were to target you or your family in a parking lot demanding your $$ or, your daughter or wife to come with them? Now, lets say one of these guys was in the military, had decent training in hand-to-hand like Modern Army Combatives Program or the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program, taught tactics and how to utilize firearms and has seen some combat over seas. He has fallen on hard times, run with the wrong people, made bad decisions and is now robbing and possibly abducting someone.




The point?

Do you Crosstrain? Are you a one dimensional martial artist or personal protection practitioner? What will you do when your go-to skill doesn’t work? Do you carry and train with multiple force options up to and including lethal force?

If not, here are some things to consider:

1) Mindset, mindset, mindset..get it and build it like you build your body

2) Don’t ever assume anything will work, even if your guru, sensei, instructor told you so. There is always someone bigger, badder, meaner and stronger. Prepare for THAT fight.

3) Have a back up plan and be ready for far more than you trained for or expected

4) Have options i.e. guns and knives. Having a lethal force option in a circumstance such as described above is a significant plus. This may seem rudimentary to many however I know a lot of martial artists and personal protection people who do not carry a lethal force option because “Its overkill to carry all that stuff, I will never need it”; until you do. We are tool bearing animals, rep that evolutionary status.

5) Crosstrain

6) Practice some skill daily

7) Readiness is not what you did 1, 5 or 20 years ago, its what you are doing today


Just something to think about in the new year.



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