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Charlotte Rioters Attack Innocent Man 

Charlotte Rioters Attack Innocent Man 

Charlotte Rioters Attack Innocent. Study this incident. There will be more like it and we may or may not see video like this. Thankfully, it looks like this individual got away eventually. Video here isn’t the best but you get the idea of whats going on. At the beginning the white man is pleading with his aggressors.


Thoughts & Considerations:

1) Carry some form of self defense tool if it’s legal in your area. If traveling be aware of laws in that area and plan accordingly.

2) Multiple attackers, disparity of size, is lethal force justified here. Know the law.

3) If faced with a situation like that “pleading” doesn’t appear to be the best defense. Putting your life in the hands of a person or group who is already running you down is not a very good plan.

4) Get out of the open area and to a position that can help to limit the numbers of attackers getting to you all at once. Between two cars with back against a wall in a parking garage. A doorway. A stairwell. This situation is very problematic however some tactics could be useful.

5) Have skills to fight. Defensive weapons, physical self defense skills. Don’t be their victim, they are expecting a victim.

6) Information is power. Information in today’s society is part of practicing good awareness. It’s now necessary to start taking a broader view of the areas we live, work and travel through. Pay attention to the news and keep up on current event. This is especially important in the major cities and large towns. Be aware of what is going on in cities and towns you are traveling to and through prior to departure.

7) Avoid these areas of unrest. If you have to traverse such an area don’t do it alone. Finally, again, do so armed if the law will allow it.


For more information on dealing with this type of situation, check out Greg Ellifritz excellent article Mob Mentality…Escaping from Riots and Flash Mobs

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  1. terry berlnghoff says:

    Where an assault being made upon a citizen is insufficient to give rise to a reasonable apprehension of death or great bodily harm,[murderous or felonious assault][repeated blows to vital body areas, choking, continued beating on a helpless or weakened victim] then the use of deadly force by the citizen to protect himself from bodily injury or offensive physical contact is excessive force.

    You have a duty to retreat from simple, but not felonious assault in NC.

    If at home, in car or at workplace, ‘defensive force’, including deadly force can be used against unlawfull entry.

    Above info from my NC CCH permit class

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