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AWARENESS: What exactly are we supposed to be aware of? 

AWARENESS: What exactly are we supposed to be aware of? "Danger"? Bad people? Bad places? Such statements are ambiguous creating an overwhelming feeling, for some, that you have to be aware of EVERYTHING. Let's better define what to look for in an effort to focus awareness. Awareness throughout the day expands and narrows based upon environment, activity and who's around. Because of this try breaking awareness into tiers with increasing focus in ascending order 1) Awareness of Environment: True, anything can happen anywhere however a parking lot, late night diner or dark street are likely more dangerous than a daytime office environment. Feelings or intuition can make us more aware in certain places, trust those feelings but first understand where criminal activity (robbery, rape, kidnapping, assault) is most likely to happen. Pay attention to lighting, confined or narrow areas (between cars or in cars), entryway's and exit vestibules and the amount of overall traffic in the environment 2) Awareness of Activity/Situation and those around you: ages (fighting age males), gender, mass demeanor of those around you, common mode of dress, and smell (alcohol and/or drugs), note specific groups of individuals 3) Awareness of Individuals: unknown contact/s vs known, a desire to close space with you, demeanor, target glancing or constant "looking around" while engaging you, hands and any movement of hands around waist or pockets, weight shift, clenching and un-clenching of hands, mode of dress. Cycling through these three tiers requires practice and attention which delivers increased awareness. #mdts #training #mindset #awarewillingprepared #awareness @shivworks_and_alumni @sharpdefense @pfc_training @immediateactioncombatives @llindenman @aprillriskconsulting @crossfitmohawkvalley

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