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MDTS Training Forum
Personal Protection Training Resources & Discussion

National Rifle Association
Help Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights- Join the NRA

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association
Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights Here in NYS- Join the NYSRPA
Stay informed about knife laws and help protect your rights

American Knife & Tool Institute
Information, education and the first organization promoting the protection of your right to carry a knife

Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network
Education about the legalities of using deadly force for self defense and much more. MDTS is a proud supporter.
NY based firearm related blog, forum and information

Firearm manufacturing and equipment

Raven Concealment Systems
Makers of some of the finest Kydex concealment holsters available today

Dojo 1
The Mohawk Valleys Premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Thai-Boxing, Western Boxing & Combat Fitness School

Up-Armored Knives USA
Custom knives and duracoat specialists located in Western NY

Spike's Tactical
Custom AR15 Rifles and Accessories

Alessi Gun Holsters
For the Professional

Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts
Our Instructors and Friends in Vegas, Defensive and Tactical Training

Extreme Close Quarter Combat Master Instructor "SouthNarc"

Total Protection Interactive
Serious Martial Discussion and Information

HeadHunter's Dry Fire Practice CD & Live Fire CD
Roger's Shooting School Master Instructor Claude Werner (aka HeadHunter) Dry Fire Practice Kit

CMD Advanced Trainer Cecil Burch
Our Instructor and Friend, Advanced CMDP Trainer Cecil Burch's Arizona Martial Gym
AR15 Information and MORE

BFE Labs
BFE Labs - "Solutions for Austerity and Hostility"

Prevail Training Blog
Prevail Training- Prepare to Prevail

Bobby Mac- "Just Snub Holsters"
Our friend Bobby Mac makes some of the finest Snubby Holsters on the market today

The Gun Works of Central NY
Professional Gunsmithing services located in Verona, NY

Pekiti-Tirsia International
Our Filipino Martial Arts Instructors and Brothers

The Martialist
Martial Online Magazine and Information

Otisco Lake Rod & Gun Club
A GREAT group of Guys in Upstate, NY

Oneida Rifle Club
Indoor & Ourdoor ranges in Upstate, NY

Marbletown Sportsmens Club
A great range downstate

Pathfinder Operations
Direct Medical Mission Support Services, Tactical Medical Training in Oneonta, NY

Buckeye Gun Club
The last best hope NJ has. Barnegat, NJ

Otsego County Law Enforcement Academy
Providing basic training courses for police officers in Central New York

Defensive Edge
Master Armorer and creator of the SLR15 Rifle Greg "Sully" Sullivan

Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training
Peyton's Place, need we say more!

FAST Defense Association
Master Trainer Bill Kipp's Fear Adrenaline Stress Training

High quality weapon lubricant/protectant, cleaner/degreaser

Long Island Firearms Forum
Pro-Second Amendment Discussion & Resources on Long Island

New Paltz Rod & Gun Club
An excellent club & facility, New Paltz NY

Genesee Outfitters
Outstanding Indoor Range & Facility, Jamestown NY

Door Security | Door Devil
Upgrade doors with 48 of steel anti-kick security. Typically installs in 30m.

Force On Force Simmulation Training