Prior to signing up for Pistol Skills 1 and 2, we were two women who had handled a pistol for only 50 rounds. With great apprehension we went to the course with little knowledge or experience. We left the course feeling comfortable, confident and capable of safely handling a pistol using sound fundamentals. These skills were taught by Chris and Luke without intimidation, with much patience, and with a clear awareness of each studentís comfort and skill level. This course is highly recommended for anyone who has advanced skills or someone who is a novice. Everyone will leave with superior fundamentals, and greatly improved gun handling skills.
Lynne McCawley and Janet Murphy

I just wanted to thank Chris for the outstanding Carbine 1&2 class I attending back in July. Chris is an outstanding Instructor and it was a pleasure to train with him and the MDTS staff in New Paltz, NY. I am a fulltime police officer in Connecticut and I am always looking to better my rifle skills. I felt that Chris helped sharpen my skills. I trained with him and his company in the past and defiantly looking forward to traning with him again. Please feel free to forward my email address to anyone that has any questions on my training experience with Chris and MDTS. Thank You
SGT Anthony Signore Redding Police Department Redding,CT

Hi Chris, Just wanted to drop a line and thank you again for the great class. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge , to help us gain a better understanding of safety and shooting skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the class , and hope to attend again in the future. I am making it a point to get out and practice the principles you taught . I also appreciate your patience and calmness with the group, you are a great teacher. Thank you
Donna S., Pittsburgh PA

Certificate of Appreciation from the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and Armorers Association
MLEFIAA Certificate

I had the opportunity to attend this class, Carbine 1&2, at the Springwater Rod & Gun Club yesterday. Iíve lost count of the classes and courses Iíve attended over the past 30-years of shooting. Iíve been to shooting schools all over the country from Thunder Ranch to Gunsite to Rifles Only to Storm Mountain etc. Iíve trained with many of the ďbig namesĒ in the training business (Clint Smith, Chuck Taylor, Gabe Suarez, etc). During my career as an Army Officer I had the opportunity to attend some of the finest schools the U.S. Military had to offer. Having said this, I will state without reservation that what I experienced yesterday was perhaps the finest firearms instruction I have ever received. What was presented by MDTS yesterday was top tier, world class training. Outstanding!
K. Mussack, Canandaigua N.Y.

I decidiced that if I was going to be carrying my pistol more often, then I should get a little training. I considered something in Oregon, Arizona or Nevada. These places had pretty good firearm schools, but the price tag of the whole trip was staggering. About a year ago a few friends told me about an instructor here in N.Y.. His courses were economical and pretty comprehensive. I waited for my friends to take some of these courses. When they reported back, all I heard was praise. I signed up for a class that was held this past Saturday in Jamestown, NY. Pistol Skills 1+2. I was VERY apprehensive. I have been shooting in "practical" pistol leagues for 16 years. There was a decent amount of stress, challenge and a lot of fun on Tuesday nights. Now I don't like to brag, but....actually, I am not that accurate when it comes to pistols, so I got to the range to practice twice before going to this class. When I arrived in Jamestown, I found a VERY competent "civilian" training instructor, Chris Fry, and a GREAT indoor range, Genesee Outfitters. We had a little over an hour of lecture. The instructor was a little apologetic for taliking so long, but it was all VERY relevant and informative. We then got to the range. First off let me tell you, this is NOT an NRA basic pistol course. You are expected to show up with decent gear and a very good working knowledge of your equipment. I have owned the main pistol I used for nearly 16 years. I still had operational issues. My holster, magazine pouches, eye protection and hearing protection were all adequate. I will not get into the specifics of the course, but I was overwhelmed by the fact that I was taken out of my comfort zone almost right away. This added quite a bit of stress to a rigorous and informative day at the range. Chris was the consumate professional. He more than "knew his stuff". He had an answer for every reasonable question and had a lot of time to give us all individual attention.This course could have been MUCH longer and MUCH more expensive, but the short class and lower price makes this available to nearly every interested CCW holder/Home Defender. My total cost including course, ammunition, gas and lunch was about $250. This is EXTREMELY economical for this type of training. If you just want to become a better shot, go to the range and practice. If you are considering pulling your firearm out when something goes bump in the night or day, consider MDTS as part of you emergency preparedness plan.
J.P. George, Williamsville N.Y.

I just got back home from the range and wanted to tell you how satisfied I am with Chris's course. I have been shooting for close to 50 years and carrying since about 1975. I pride myself on being a pretty decent shooter BUT, this is the first course of this type that I have ever taken and at almost 66 I didn't know all that I didn't know. Chris is a very professional trainer and a gentleman. Everyone had a great time and I know I learned a lot. Chris is a real asset.
Jim Herbert, Buffalo N.Y.

A letter from David Tomidy-Director, Oneida County Probation Department
Letter MDTS Combative Pistol Skills.pdf

The training weíve received with MDTS in my opinion supersedes our fleetís training techniques. Chris' training better prepared me and my other officers to face realistic obstacles that we may face in our industry. I feel that MDTS would be a great addition to any one person or private/ corporate security department to include in training to get a variety of different training.
Lt. Mike Bleakley- Nuclear Security, Response Team Leader.

Chris is a dynamic teacher and has made this class a great way to learn about our firearms as well as our ability to effectively utilize the carbine. Chris describes this course as a lesson in fundamentals. I would have to agree. Rather than teaching about the weapon, he taught us about our capabilites in safely handling these weapons as an extension of ourselves. It was a class about having/using another "tool" (for lack of a better term) in our armamentarium for self defense. Chris covered alot of material for one day. He has designed the course in such a way that each subsequent topic adds to and reinforces the previous topic. Chris has the rare and exceptional ability to teach well. He explains as well as demonstrates what he expects us to learn. He integrates alot of material which is relevent to the lesson module. As a physician, I am impressed with his understanding of human anatomy and physiology as well as his medical knowledge. Who, besides Chris, could make rods and cones an interesting subject. His first aid lesson during one of his other courses was "cutting edge". Everything he teaches is relevent. There are no wasted moments or words. He takes advantage of "teachable moments" even in the middle of a drill. He will repeat somethings repeatedly. This is a big clue on what the "take home" messages are. The drills were fun as well as functional. We shot approximately 450 carbine rounds and about 50 pistol. The class was designed to allow the more advanced students progress and the less experienced students gain some confidence. I don't think there was anyone who thought the class was too elementary or too advanced. At the end of the day I was surprised by the people who said thay had minimal experince with the carbine or never really handled one in this kind of environment. No one appeared inexperienced. Everyone was pushed to the limit of their ability.
Jason Wong, M.D., Manahawkin NJ

A letter from Marc Swensen-Director of Operations, Global Security Associates
Letter MDTS Combative Carbine Skills 1 & 2.pdf

Chris Fry and MDTS Training is on par with many tactical training classes that I have taken such as Black Water and 10-8 Consulting.
Robert Hevesi, Deptford NJ

The training provided by MDTS is some of the most realistic and practical that I have witnessed in over forty years of Law Enforcement training. It is as close as you can get to a real street fight in a controlled environment. I recommend this course to anyone who may need to prepare for a violent personal encounter or forceful arrest procedure.
K Wilkinson, CPP SAFE Training Division

The best rifle training I have ever attended!
Stefen Nole, Full Time Law Enforcement Officer & ERT Team Member

Chris is the most educated and effective instructor I know in the area of modern full-force combatives training. Anyone fortunate enough to attend his scenario-based program knows what it's like to experience and overcome the effects of stress during physical conflict. Chris' full-force scenarios put you in the fight no other training method prepares you as well for the realities of close quarter combat.
Steve Krystek, Director- Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts and full-time Law Enforcement Officer/Trainer

Itís fast, aggressive and effective. Modern Defensive Training Systems utilizes an explosive full-force approach to self-defense training that blends physical frenzy with a combative philosophy. If you are looking for a training course that will provide you with effective street combative skills .look no further!!!
Steven T. Baker, CPP President, VTI & Associates

Simply the BEST Children's safety program I've yet to see in over 20 years of Law Enforcement!
J. Syrotynski, Co-Director of Security Utica City Schools, Ret. 20+ year Law Enforcement Officer

Chris Fry and Modern Defensive Training Systems provide some of the most realistic and effective Adrenaline Stress Scenario Training programs for Law Enforcement and Military Operators that I have seen in 30+ years of Adrenaline Stress Training and Teaching. Certainly the future of Combatives training!
Bill Kipp, Creator of F.A.S.T. Defense, R.M.C.A.T. Head Instructor, Former Marine Force Recon Team Leader

In reading and hearing of the concerns about violence in schools it is a good thing that there are resources such as MDTS Self Defense for Children available to our students. Chris Fry has the ability to tackle a very sensitive and often fearful topic for children and adults in a positive and effective manner. I personally took the class with my 15 year old son. We both walked away with a sense of inner strength and confidence in our own personal lives. The Utica City School District is fortunate to be able to provide this training for the students through the Safe Schools Healthy Students Initiative.
Nancy K. Kelly, Director Utica Safe Schools/Healthy Students Partnership Inc.

Some of the most realistic and practical counter-edged weapon training I have ever seen.
Thomas Oneil, Corrections Officer & DT Trainer for 13 years

Steve Krystek